by | April 5, 2014

(Originally posted by Michael Poppa to Metro Kansas City Chapter)


** Opposition to Roeland Park`s Proposed Ordinance

EQKS Metro KC has heard that there may be local opposition to the ordinance at this coming Monday`s meeting of the Roeland Park City Council.

Additionally, we have become aware that the anti-LGBT group, Kansas Family Policy Council, has contacted the City Council and Mayor to strongly oppose the protections being considered by the City. We expect strong opposition organized by Kansas Family Policy Council – especially at the upcoming Roeland Park Community Forum on Monday, April 14th. It is imperative that we respectfully counter these messages of unfounded fear and dissonance as we promote harmony, acceptance and EQUALITY! Stay tuned for more info…

Roeland Park is counting on you to maintain the positive momentum in our communities, counter the negativity that is beginning to creep in, and prove that EQUALITY MATTERS!

** Get Involved. Stay Connected. Take Action!

** VISIT THE LINK BELOW to let us know which Action Events you are attending: (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1efCSk8KazcSTO16AIzO3opPl2pFijPS6Q7RIXTuWBnE/viewform)

Monday, April 7th – Roeland Park Committee of the Whole Meeting*
6:30 PM to 8:830 PM at Roeland Park City Hall

Monday, April 14th – Roeland Park Community Forum^
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Roesland Elementary

Monday, April 21st – Roeland Park City Council VOTE^
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Roeland Park Community Center

*Parking in the City Hall lot is limited. Please be prepared to park on public residential streets (where permitted) and walk over. An EQKS Metro KC Board Member will be available on-site to greet and guide you.

^Please arrive one hour early to secure prominent seating. An EQKS Metro KC Board Member will be available on-site to greet and guide you.

** Contact Roeland Park and say, “I Support Equality in Our Community!”

When contacting the City officials, please be polite!! These are real, hard-working people who deserve our respect:

1) Thank them for considering the proposed ordinance;

2) Let them know why Equality in Roeland Park is important to you and to the community; and,

3) Ask for their vote in favor of the inclusive anti-discrimination ordinance.

Joel Marquardt, Mayor
(913) 362-5222
Contact Mayor, Joel Marquardt (mailto:jmarquardt@roelandpark.org)
Becky Fast, Ward 1
(785) 550-4891
Email: Becky Fast (mailto:blfast@msn.com)

Sheri McNeil, Ward 1
(913) 362-3491
Email Sheri McNeil (mailto:smcneil@roelandpark.org)

Jennifer Gunby, Ward 2
(913) 488-9094
Email Jennifer Gunby (mailto:jennifer.gunby@gmail.com)

Megan England, Ward 3
(913) 236-7689
Email Megan England (mailto:ward3rp@gmail.com)

Mel Croston, Ward 3
(913) 706-5542
Email Mel Croston (mailto:mcroston@roelandpark.org)

Marek Gliniecki, Ward 4
PRON. Glynn-YET-Ski
(913) 461-4491
Email Marek Gliniecki (mailto:mgliniecki@roelandpark.org)

Teresa Kelly, Ward 4
(913) 961-9826
Email Teresa Kelly (mailto:teresakellyrp4@gmail.com)

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