Equality Kansas Meeting 3/21/16

by | March 22, 2016

(Originally posted by Benedette Koslover to Topeka Chapter)

Attendees: Luc B., Benedette K, Stephanie Mott, Liatris S, Fallon L.
Meeting was called to order at 7:09 PM.
The minutes from the prior meeting were approved by unanimous vote.
Chair report: Luc will be a presenter, at the BTMI conference, and will do a presentation about being physically challenged and trans. Donations can be made at this site: https://blacktrans.org/index.php?option=com_civicrm&task=civicrm%2Fpcp%2Finfo&reset=1&id=83
The BTMI conference will be April 25th to May 1st, 2016. Matching funds, up to $400, are available for Luc’s expenses to attend the conference. The donations would be tax-deductible.
Vice-chair report: Scott Fieker, from the Lawrence transgender support group, will be the featured speaker at the PFLAG meeting on April 3rd, 2-4 pm, at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Please use the West Hospital entrance at the circular drive. The address is 330 Arkansas. It is north of 4th St. on Arkansas. Take the elevator across from the gift shop and go to the basement. Turn right off of the elevator to Conf. Room D-South.
Treasurer: Balance is $238, unchanged from the prior month. This is prior to deducting $100 to contribute to Luc’s BTMI Conference trip.
Chapter Conference The meeting was held 3/6. SB175 was discussed. This bill enables the university to provide money to student groups that discriminate based on religious views. The bill is on the governor’s desk. Other bills were discussed, but were not moving forward. This is an election cycle where we can consider how the candidates have dealt with Equality issues. The next chapter conference will be April 3rd, in Salina.
Equality Efforts: We discussed the Shawnee county legislative delegation, and other signs of movement towards equality in the community
Topeka Pride meeting will be April 6, 6pm, at Central Congregational Church. Topeka Pride participated in the St. Patrick’s Day parade.
Trans-Kansas #4 will be located in Topeka, August 26th & 27th. Capital City NOW is holding Womyn Rising on March 26th, at Washburn University, 9-5 pm, with the theme of Women in Leadership. Entrance is free. Please check their web-site for more information. EQKS will be represented at a table.
Meeting adjourned at 8:59 PM

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