Equality Kansas Endorses Thompson in 4th Congressional District Special Election

by | April 7, 2017

(Originally posted by Equality Kansas to Equality Kansas News)

With the election of Donald Trump and the subsequent appointment of Kansas 4th District Congressman Mike Pompeo to lead the CIA, the now-vacant 4th District seat must be filled by a special election.  The district, which includes 17 counties in south-central Kansas, was previously represented by viciously anti-LGBT Todd Tiahrt from the mid-90s through 2010, and by equally anti-LGBT Mike Pompeo since then.

The special election to fill the vacancy gives Kansans a unique opportunity to fill this seat with a candidate who has pledged to support our community.  From the Thompson campaign website:

James believes that all Kansans should be treated with equality, respect, and dignity. James supports and values all members of our community, and is strongly committed to defending the rights and freedoms of all Kansans, whomever they are, and whomever they love. We need to fight against all forms of discrimination, and vigorously oppose those who would attack and bully members of the LGBT community. LGBT folks across the Fourth District are our brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, and family. James stands in strong solidarity with all members of the LGBT community, and with people of all of sexual orientations and identities.

Turnout is expected to be extremely low for this election, which means every vote counts more than everElection Day is Tuesday, April 11.  In Sedgwick County, polls will be open from 6am to 7pm.  In all other 4th District counties, polls will open at 7am and close at 7pm.  If you are in line before 7pm, you will be allowed to vote.  Be sure to take ID with you to the polls!


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