Brownback appointed as “religious freedom” ambassador

by | July 26, 2017

(Originally posted by Equality Kansas to Equality Kansas News)

In late-breaking news Wednesday, Kansas governor Sam Brownback has been named by President Donald Trump to be “Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.”

Equality Kansas opposes this appointment and urges our United States Senators, Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran, to vote “no” on his confirmation.

Since his inauguration in January of 2011, LGBT Kansans have faced near-annual assaults on our liberties and our dignity in the name of “religious freedom.”  These attacks have all shared one characteristic: they take the form of legislation that would allow businesses and government officials to deny service to LGBT Kansans, to refuse recognition of our legal marriages, and to otherwise discriminate against us in our daily lives.

Sam Brownback has been a vocal supporter of these outrageous attacks.  The legislation he has openly backed allows our fellow Kansans to cite religion as a legal reason to deny full participation in commerce, government, and even educational opportunities to members of the LGBT community.

Governor Brownback is unsuited to represent American values of freedom, liberty, and justice, whether at home or abroad.  His use of religion is little different than that of a bully wielding a club. His goal is not to use religion as a way to expand freedom, but to use a narrow, bigoted interpretation of religion to deny freedom to his fellow citizens.  He has caused enough damage here in Kansas. We do not wish him upon the world.



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