Kansas Equality PAC Announces Kansas House Primary Endorsements

by | July 12, 2018

(Originally posted by Equality Kansas to Equality Kansas News)

Kansas House of Representatives Chamber

Equality Kansas’ political action committee, the Kansas Equality PAC, is today announcing its primary endorsements for Kansas House of Representatives.  This will be our final round of endorsement announcements for the August 7 primary election.

Endorsement in the primary is not a guarantee of endorsement for the general election!  General election endorsements depend on the outcome of the primary races, and will be re-evaluated and announced in September.

Equality Kansas is non‑partisan.  Our advocacy work in the Kansas statehouse and city halls across the state requires us to work with elected officials of both parties.  When considering candidates for elected office, Equality Kansas examines their public record on LGBT issues.  We generally prioritize a candidate’s record in this order:

  1. Are they a friendly incumbent? In other words, are they the current officeholder running for re-election, and do they have a voting record that is favorable to LGBT rights?
  2. Are they a current or former office holder, running for a new office? If so, what is their voting record on our issues?
  3. Is the candidate a member in good standing of Equality Kansas? (Defined as current in their dues and supportive of our mission).
  4. Is the candidate an “out” member of the LGBT community?
  5. What kind of responses, if any, have they given on the Equality Kansas candidate questionnaires?
  6. What verifiable public statements has a candidate offered in support of LGBT equality? (Private assurances of support are not considered).

Last April, Equality Kansas began the process of developing candidate questionnaires for the 2018 election cycle.  Questionnaires were then mailed to each declared primary candidate shortly after the June 1 filing deadline, and all candidates were given a June 30 deadline for their return.  Questionnaires have not been provided to the independent or Libertarian candidates, who will be given an opportunity to share their views after the August primary election.

As has been our practice since our founding shortly before the 2006 election cycle, Equality Kansas considers a candidate’s voting record to be the most important indicator of their commitment to LGBT rights.  Some candidates have 100% positive records, while others are utterly hostile to our community and our mission.  Those are easy endorsement decisions to make.  The difficult choices come when candidate voting records are mixed.  Sometimes an incumbent votes with us, sometimes against.  Some bills are worse than others.  A candidate may have voted against us long ago, but has since come to understand the importance of LGBT equality and is now a supporter.  If they are or have been in a leadership position, especially as a legislative committee chair, they may have used their position to help the LGBT community, or perhaps to harm us.

In a departure from previous practice, the Kansas Equality PAC this year chose to endorse supportive legislators and other candidates even if running unopposed in their party’s primary election or general election.  Many of our members and supporters have suggested this change, as it helps educate them and the general public about who supports our community.

A copy of our 2018 gubernatorial and legislative questionnaire is posted on our website at https://eqks.org/eqks-2018-gubernatorial-and-legislative-questionnaire/ .  We do not publish completed questionnaires.

Please note that Equality Kansas evaluates candidates on LGBT‑specific issues.  As an individual voter, a candidate’s record on equality may be only one among your priorities.  Whether or not you agree with our assessments, we hope this information adds to your understanding of the candidates for Kansas governor.  Even if you vote differently from our recommendations, get out and vote!

District 2 Democratic nominee: Adam J. Lusker Sr. (voting record)

District 3 Democratic nominee: Monica Murnan (voting record)

District 5 Democratic nominee: Lassey Murphy (questionnaire responses)

District 8 Republican nominee: Patty Markley (voting record)

District 9 Republican nominee: Kent L. Thompson (voting record)

District 10 Democratic nominee: Eileen Horn (voting record and questionnaire responses)

District 13 Republican nominee: Larry P. Hibbard (voting record)

District 14 Democratic nominee: Angela Justus Schweller (questionnaire responses)

District 15 Democratic nominee: Chris Haulmark (public statements)

District 16 Democratic nominee: Cindy Holscher (voting record)

District 17 Democratic nominee: Laura Smith-Everett (questionnaire responses)

District 18 Democratic nominee: Cindy Neighbor (voting record and questionnaire responses)

District 19 Republican nominee: Stephanie S. Clayton (voting record, questionnaire responses, and public statements)

District 20 Republican nominee: Jan H. Kessinger (voting record and questionnaire responses)

District 21 Democratic nominee: Jerry Stogsdill (voting record)

District 22 Democratic nominee: Nancy Lusk (voting record)

District 23 Republican nominee: Linda Gallagher (voting record and questionnaire responses)

District 24 Democratic nominee: Jarrod Ousley (voting record, questionnaire responses and public statements)

District 25 Republican nominee: Melissa A. Rooker (voting record, questionnaire responses, and public statements)

District 26 Democratic nominee: Deann Mitchell (questionnaire responses)

District 27 Democratic nominee: Nicole Rome (questionnaire responses)

District 27 Republican nominee: Karen Snyder (questionnaire responses)

District 28 Democratic nominee: Brian Clausen (questionnaire responses)

District 28 Republican nominee: Joy Koesten (voting record and questionnaire responses)

District 29 Democratic nominee: Brett Parker (voting record and questionnaire responses)

District 29 Republican nominee: James Todd (voting record)

District 30 Democratic nominee: Brandon Woodard (questionnaire responses, public statements, and current membership in Equality Kansas)

District 30 Republican nominee: Colleen Webster (questionnaire responses)

District 31 Democratic nominee: Louis E. Ruiz (voting record and public statements)

District 32 Democratic nominee: Pam Curtis (voting record and questionnaire responses)

District 33 Democratic nominee: Tom Burroughs (voting record)

District 34 Democratic nominee: Valdenia C. Winn (voting record and public statements)

District 35 Democratic nominee: Broderick Henderson (voting record)

District 36 Democratic nominee: Kathy Wolfe Moore (voting record)

District 37 Democratic nominee: Stan Frownfelter (voting record)

District 40 Democratic nominee: Debbie Deere (voting record)

District 41 Democratic nominee: Jeff Pittman (voting record and questionnaire responses)

District 42 Democratic nominee: Thea Perry (questionnaire responses and public statements)

District 43 Democratic nominee: Pamela Finley (questionnaire responses)

District 44 Democratic nominee: Barbara W. Ballard (voting record)

District 45 Democratic nominee: Steven X. Davis (questionnaire responses)

District 45 Democratic nominee: Aidan Loveland Koster (questionnaire responses)

District 46 Democratic nominee: Dennis “Boog” Highberger (voting record, questionnaire responses, and public statements)

District 47 Democratic nominee: George D. Hanna (questionnaire responses, public statements, and current membership in Equality Kansas)

District 48 Democratic nominee: David L. Benson (questionnaire responses)

District 49 Democratic nominee: Darnell W. Hunt (questionnaire responses)

District 50 Democratic nominee: Down River Dan Brennan (questionnaire responses and public statements)

District 52 Democratic nominee: Toni Scalia (questionnaire responses)

District 53 Democratic nominee: Jim Gartner (voting record)

District 54 Democratic nominee: Sarah Coats (questionnaire responses and public statements)

District 55 Democratic nominee: Annie Kuether (questionnaire responses, voting record, and public statements)

District 56 Democratic nominee: Virgil Weigel (voting record)

District 57 Democratic nominee: John Alcala (voting record and questionnaire responses)

District 58 Democratic nominee: Vic “T-Bone” Miller (voting record)

District 59 Democratic nominee: John Hall (questionnaire responses)

District 60 Republican nominee: Mark Schreiber (voting record)

District 66 Democratic nominee: Sydney Carlin (voting record, questionnaire responses and public statements)

District 67 Democratic nominee: Alex Van Dyke (questionnaire responses)

District 68 Republican nominee: Dave Baker (voting record)

District 69 Democratic nominee: Gerrett Morris (questionnaire responses and public statements)

District 70 Republican nominee: John E Barker (voting record)

District 71 Republican nominee: Diana Dierks (voting record and public statements)

District 72 Democratic nominee: Tim Hodge (voting record)

District 75 Republican nominee: Mary Martha Good (voting record)

District 78 Democratic nominee: Jason K Darby (questionnaire responses)

District 79 Democratic nominee: Ed Trimmer (voting record)

District 80 Republican nominee: Anita Judd-Jenkins (voting record)

District 81 Democratic nominee: Shala Perez (questionnaire responses)

District 82 Democratic nominee: Danette Harris (questionnaire responses)

District 83 Democratic nominee: Henry Helgerson (voting record)

District 84 Democratic nominee: Gail Finney (voting record)

District 85 Democratic nominee: Monica Marks (questionnaire responses)

District 86 Democratic nominee: Jim Ward (voting record and public statements)

District 88 Democratic nominee: Elizabeth Bishop (voting record)

District 89 Democratic nominee: KC Ohaebosim (voting record)

District 92 Democratic nominee: John Carmichael (voting record, questionnaire responses and public statements)

District 93 Democratic nominee: Clifton Beck (questionnaire responses)

District 95 Democratic nominee: Tom Sawyer (voting record)

District 96 Democratic nominee: Brandon J. Whipple (voting record)

District 97 Democratic nominee: Rebecca Jenek (questionnaire responses)

District 98 Democratic nominee: Steven G. Crum (voting record and questionnaire responses)

District 99 Democratic nominee: Kristi Kirk (questionnaire responses)

District 102 Democratic nominee: Jason Probst (voting record)

District 103 Democratic nominee: Ponka-We Victors (voting record)

District 104 Republican nominee: Steven R. Becker (voting record, questionnaire responses and public statements)

District 113 Democratic nominee: David W. Curtis (questionnaire responses and membership in Equality Kansas)

District 118 Republican nominee: Don Hineman (voting record)

District 119 Republican nominee: Bradley Ralph (voting record)

District 120 Democratic nominee: Jerry Hill (questionnaire responses)


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