Equality Kansas 2019 General Election Endorsements

by | October 24, 2019

(Originally posted by Equality Kansas to Equality Kansas News)

Tuesday, November 5, is the date for the general election.  Early and absentee voting began this week.  Our endorsements for the election are below.

Equality Kansas, when making endorsements, considers a number of factors in weighing our decisions. In order of importance, we consider:

  • Voting record as a public official, and whether the candidate is a “friendly incumbent” running for reelection to their current office, who has voted for policies that are important to our mission. Issues evaluated are primarily non-discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, school bullying prevention inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity, and relationship recognition.
  • Membership in Equality Kansas, or whether a candidate is openly LGBT;
  • Incumbent or former office holders who are running for a new office are evaluated on their historic voting record.
  • Responses to policy questionnaires sent to all candidates immediately after the June filing deadline;
  • Public statements regarding LGBT equality issues.

This year, there are a number of dual endorsements, particularly in Johnson County municipal races. As our Metro KC chapter has made progress in their local non-discrimination ordinance campaigns, “friendly incumbents” have appeared in races where we previously endorsed based on questionnaire responses or membership in Equality Kansas. As incumbent city counsellors and commissioners vote in favor of local ordinance proposals, we add them to our friendly-incumbent list. However, since we previously endorsed a challenger based on other factors, we have chosen not to remove the prior endorsements. Please consider all factors relating to a candidate before casting your vote!

Our endorsement process in local elections is different from that in statewide and legislative elections. We depend on our members in our local chapters to submit names to our PAC, which then evaluates the candidates according to our regular PAC endorsement rules. Without a local request, our PAC does not evaluate candidates for endorsement in any given race.

Most endorsements decisions are relatively simple, especially for incumbents: They either vote with us or against us.

For newcomers, their questionnaire responses are key to our decision‑making process. We also consider voting records in prior offices held when a candidate is running for a different or higher office.

While we will consider public statements made by candidates, we never base our endorsements on private assurances of support.

We do not endorse in uncontested races, nor do we endorse in races where we either lack information on candidates or where we believe no candidate will represent the interests of the Kansas LGBT population.

Our endorsements are for the benefit of our membership, the Kansas LGBT community, and our friends and families.  We do not consider whether a candidate has sought our endorsement, nor do we withhold endorsements at any candidate request.

No matter who you vote for, get out and vote! Nothing changes in Kansas without your active participation.

Municipal Races

Clearwater City Council
Justin Shore

Emporia City Commission
Todd Maddox

Fairway City Council Ward/District 2
Tom Cotter

Fairway City Council Ward/District 3
Michele Kiehl

Fairway City Council Ward/District 4
Jenna Brofsky

Gardner City Council
Adrianna Meder

Hutchinson City Council
Ceeley Williams

Lawrence City Commission
Ken Easthouse

Lawrence City Commission
Brad Finkeldei

Lawrence City Commission
Joey Hentzler

Lenexa City Council Ward/District 1
Courtney Eiterich

Lenexa City Council Ward/District 4
Julie Sayers

Manhattan City Commission
Aaron Estabrook

Manhattan City Commission
Linda Morse

Manhattan City Commission
Maureen Sheahan

Manhattan City Commission
Mary Renee Shirk

Merriam City Council Ward/District 2
Whitney Yadrich

Merriam City Council Ward/District 4
Bob Pape

Mission City Council Ward/District 1
Trent Boultinghouse

Mission Hills City Council
Beverly Brooks

Mission Hills City Council
Braden Perry

Mission Hills City Council
Andrew Weed

Mission Woods Mayor
Robert Allen Tietze

Newton City Commission
Antonio E. Sandate

Olathe City Council Ward/District 1
Larry Campbell

Olathe City Council At Large
Alan Marston

Overland Park City Council Ward/District 1
Holly Grummert

Overland Park City Council Ward/District 1
Terry Happer Scheier

Overland Park City Council Ward/District 2
Paul Lyons

Overland Park City Council Ward/District 3
Stephan Glentzer

Overland Park City Council Ward/District 4
Fred Spears

Overland Park City Council Ward/District 5
Faris Farassati

Overland Park City Council Ward/District 6
Rick Collins

Pittsburg City Commission
Sarah Chenoweth

Prairie Village City Council Ward/District 2
Serena Schermoly

Prairie Village City Council Ward/District 3
Bonnie Limbird

Prairie Village City Council Ward/District 3
Lauren Wolf

Prairie Village City Council Ward/District 5
Courtney McFadden

Roeland Park City Council Ward/District 2
Benjamin Dickens

Roeland Park City Council Ward/District 4
Michael Rebne

Salina City Commission
Trent Davis

Salina City Commission
Rod Franz

Salina City Commission
Karl Ryan

Shawnee Mayor
Michelle Distler

Shawnee Mayor
Stephanie Meyer

Shawnee City Council Ward/District 1
Jim Neighbor

Shawnee City Council Ward/District 2
Andy Rondon

Shawnee City Council Ward/District 3
Lisa Larson-Bunnell

Shawnee City Council Ward/District 4
Jill Chalfie

Topeka City Council Ward/District 2
Christina Valdivia-Alcala

Topeka City Council Ward/District 6
Lucas Ryan

Topeka City Council Ward/District 6
Clark Trammell

Topeka City Council
Spencer Duncan

UG Comm. At-Large Ward/District 1
Melissa Brune Bynum

UG Commissioner Ward/District 3
Ann Murguia

UG Commissioner Ward/District 4
Harold Johnson

UG Commissioner Ward/District 6
Angela Markley

Valley Center Mayor
Lou Cicirello

Westwood Hills City Council
Rosemary Podrebarac

Westwood Hills City Council
Karen Shelor Sexton

Westwood Hills City Council
Ludwig Villasi

Wichita City Council Ward/District 2
Rodney Wren

Wichita City Council Ward/District 4
Beckie Jenek

Wichita Mayor
Brandon Whipple


School Board Races

USD 229 Blue Valley Ward/District 2
Patrick Hurley

USD 233 Olathe Ward/District 2
Brad Boyd

USD 253 Emporia
Jeremy Dorsey

USD 253 Emporia
Arthur Gutierrez

USD 253 Emporia
Mallory Koci

USD 253 Emporia
Jeff Lutes

USD 253 Emporia
Leslie Seeley

USD 259 Wichita Ward/District 4
Stan Reeser

USD 259 Wichita
Joseph W. Shepard

USD 265 Goddard
Gail A. Jamison

USD 266 Maize Ward/District 1
Shannon Edwards

USD 266 Maize Ward/District 2
Heather Killpatrick-O’Conner

USD 305 Salina
Ann Zimmerman

USD 373 Newton
Nathan Dominguez

USD 373 Newton
Carmina Frances Suter

USD 373 Newton
Allen Jantz

USD 383 Manhattan-Ogden
Kristin Brighton

USD 383 Manhattan-Ogden
Curt Herrman

USD 497 Lawrence
Shannon Kimball

USD 497 Lawrence
Thea Perry

USD 500 Kansas City
Janey Humphries

USD 500 Kansas City
Brenda Jones

USD 500 Kansas City
Randy Lopez

USD 500 Kansas City
Valdenia Winn

USD 501 Topeka Ward/District 1
Lalo Munoz

USD 501 Topeka Ward/District 2
Sue Bolley

USD 501 Topeka Ward/District 2
Tracy Routsong

USD 501 Topeka At Large
Keith Tatum

USD 512 Shawnee Mission Ward/District 1
Brian Koon

USD 512 Shawnee Mission Ward/District 3
Jessica Hembree

USD 512 Shawnee Mission Ward/District 5
Devin Wilson


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