Rep Michael Capps Drafts Anti-Trans Student Bill

by | February 7, 2020

Michael Capps

Earlier this week, Equality Kansas obtained a draft of a bill that targets transgender middle-school and high-school students. Like many bills being introduced by homophobic, right-wing lawmakers around the country, this bill punishes transgender kids by denying their right to participate in school sports.

Yesterday, we held a press conference with state representatives Susan Ruiz and Brandon Woodard, our first two openly-LGBT members of the Kansas legislature. We made plain our opposition to this bill and questioned the motives of the representative who is planning to introduce it, Michael Capps.

Since 2016 there have been five bills introduced that attack transgender children. This bill brings the total to six. We are thoroughly disgusted and fed up with the constant attacks on transgender children, and will do everything we can to stop these bills and protect trans kids from bullying and abuse by adults who should know better.

Attached to this post are the bill draft and the statements from Equality Kansas, reps Ruiz and Woodard, GLSEN Kansas, and ACLU Kansas.

If you would like to share your thoughts on this discriminatory, dangerous and destructive bill with its author, state representative Michael Capps, his public contact information can be found here:…/b20…/members/rep_capps_michael_1/

When you call Capps’ statehouse number, please be polite to the secretaries! They are state employees who are assigned to offices, and may not agree with the positions of the lawmakers they serve.

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EQKS Capps Bill Press Release


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