SB 208: Talking Points in Opposition

by | March 1, 2021

Governor Laura Kelly stands with LGBTQ youth at Equality Day 2019

Anti-LGBT extremists justify their attacks on trans kids playing school sports by falsely claiming the trans kids have an unfair advantage. Their position is simple: Unless a trans athlete loses every competition every single time, it’s cheating.
Think about this for a moment.
Extremists attack our community for our successes. They’re not happy unless we fail, unless we’re losers. And, since LGBT adults have successfully stood up to their attacks and their discrimination, they now attack kids.
They want LGBT kids to fail.
Here are talking points you can use in your conversations urging your elected representatives to oppose SB 208.  While we admit these points are simplified and don’t do a great job on a “deep dive” into a complex issue, it represents just one part of our effort to counter the misinformation being spread about the trans youth community.

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