SB208 Action Alert

by | March 17, 2021

Yesterday afternoon, SB208, the bill attacking trans children who want to participate in school sports, passed out of the Kansas Senate Education Committee with a 5-3 vote. This means our attention now moves to stopping this bill from passing the Senate, and we need your help!

We’re already hearing about the mental/emotional impact that having their rights debated is having on transgender kids. Trans children should be PROTECTED by legislators, not have their identities debated using scare tactics that will make the Kansas climate more hostile toward them.

  1. Email and/or call Senate Leadership and ask them to OPPOSE this harmful bill.
  2. Email and/or call YOUR Senator and ask them to OPPOSE this harmful bill. You can find who your Senator is through this link.
  3. Have time to contact all members of the Senate? Find all members at this link.
  4. SHARE this Action Alert with your networks and ask them to email and/or call as well.

Let’s flood the Senate with the Kansas values we hold. Share your experiences with them. Help them understand the impact this harmful legislation will have/is having on our transgender youth, on YOU, on Kansas. Your voice matters! Alone, we may feel like we’re shouting into the wind. Together, our voices can be loud enough to challenge the pervasive transphobia in Kansas and bring change.

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