Stop the veto override – Act now before it’s too late!

by | May 1, 2021

Governor Kelly needs more veto pens!

On Monday, May 3, the Kansas Legislature reconvenes for a proposed nine-day wrap-up session. Often referred to as “veto” session, the next week will see the legislature finalize the state budget and attempt to override any vetoes issued by Governor Laura Kelly since the legislature went on its annual spring break back on April 9.

Senate President Ty Masterson (R-Butler County) and his allies have made it clear they will attempt to override the governor’s veto of their anti-trans hate bill, SB55.

The Kansas Senate passed SB55 with 26 votes, the House with 76 votes.  To successfully override the governor’s veto, the Kansas Family Policy Alliance, the bill’s extremist backers, must find 27 votes in the Senate and 84 in the House.  They are currently running a massive pressure campaign against legislators they believe they can “flip;” or get to change from opposing SB55 to supporting it.  Take a look at the full list of FPA’s Facebook ads, and you can see the campaign they are conducting at this very minute.

We have our own list of legislators we think you should talk to, and we encourage you to stop, right now, whatever it is you’re doing, and drop them an email.  If there’s still daylight out, give them a call (and yes, you can call them on their published home phones.  That’s why they publish them!).

Ask them to oppose discrimination. Ask them to saves the lives of fragile kids.  Ask them to continue to stand up for what they know is right, and sustain Governor Kelly’s most necessary veto.

Above all, be polite!  Our list is primarily legislators who currently stand with us or have in the past.  You might be very angry about SB55 (we at Equality Kansas certainly are!), but these folks should not be your target for unleashing that anger.

Get busy. Make that call.  Send that email.  Be sure to thank these legislators for their current and past support of LGBTQ Kansans.

Senators who voted NO or PASS who might need encouragement to sustain Governor Kelly’s veto:

Representatives who voted NO or PASS who might need encouragement to sustain Governor Kelly’s veto (be sure to thank them for their NO votes!!):

Representatives who voted YES, but might be persuaded to vote to sustain the governor’s veto:


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