Of 14 votes to override Governor Kelly’s vetoes, SB55 is the only one sustained

by | May 6, 2021

Kansas Flag on Rainbow Bricks

On Monday, the Kansas legislature held a total of 14 votes to override Governor Laura Kelly’s vetoes. Of those 14, only one veto – SB 55, the anti-trans youth bill – was sustained. All of Governor Kelly’s other vetoes were overridden by the legislature, and the underlying bills and budget line items will now become law.

This remarkable success would not have been possible without the ongoing support of the Kansas LGBTQ community, our coalition partners, and the legislators who stood with us in the face of a brutal and bigoted onslaught against transgender youth.

Although we’ve prevailed so far, we’re hearing that Senate President Ty Masterson, along with SB55’s chief proponent Senator Renee Erickson, are still trying to find a way to pass this measure before the 2021 legislative session ends later this month.  Our fight for trans youth has been long and expensive, and we continue to rack up massive expenses fighting it.  Please chip in and help us defeat this measure!

Special thanks goes to our coalition partners at GLSEN Kansas, ACLU Kansas, MainStream Coalition, Kansas National Education Association, and national LGBTQ advocacy organization HRC.

Please join us in sending thank you messages to those legislators who stood for fairness and for the lives of trans kids who just want to live in peace.  If you only have time to send a few messages, please consider first writing our Republican friends, as they are being raked over the coals by their extremist colleagues and angry MAGA-types.

If you’d like to send any of the legislators a personal, handwritten note (they like those), the statehouse mailing address is Kansas State Capitol, 300 SW 10th, Topeka, KS 66612.  Be sure to include the statehouse office number for each legislator.

Of course it goes without saying:  Governor Laura Kelly deserves our unending gratitude for vetoing this hateful legislation, and for her long-standing support for the Kansas LGBTQ community.  Her contact information can be found here: https://governor.kansas.gov/contact/

Republican Senators who opposed SB55:

Brenda Dietrich (R, Shawnee County) District 20
Brenda.Dietrich@senate.ks.gov; dietrbre@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7648 | Home phone: 785-861-7065
Statehouse office: 223-E

John Doll (R, Finney County) District 39
John.Doll@senate.ks.gov; johndoll22@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7694 | Home phone: 620-275-9304
Statehouse office: 237-E

Carolyn McGinn (R, Sedgwick County) District 31
Carolyn.McGinn@senate.ks.gov; ;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7377 | Home phone: 316-772-0147
Statehouse office: 541-E


Republican Representatives who opposed SB55:

Dave Baker (R, Morris County) District 68
dave.baker@house.ks.gov; davebaker.kansas@gmail.com; davebaker_cg@yahoo.com
Statehouse phone: 785 296-6997 | Home phone: 620-767-2528
Statehouse office: 519-N

John Barker (R, Dickinson County) District 70
john.barker@house.ks.gov; johnbarker2012@yahoo.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7674 | Home phone: 785 479-7519
Statehouse office: 285-N

Jesse Borjon (R, Shawnee County) District 52
jesse.borjon@house.ks.gov; ;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7374 | Home phone: 785 249-9438
Statehouse office: 512-N

Susan Concannon (R, Mitchell County) District 107
susan.concannon@house.ks.gov; sconcannon@nckcn.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7644 | Home phone: 785 738-8087
Statehouse office: 149-S

Megan Lynn (R, Johnson County) District 49
Megan.Lynn@house.ks.gov; meganlynnforkansas@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7655 | Home phone: 913 706-0000
Statehouse office: 512-N

Bradley Ralph (R, Ford County) District 119
Brad.Ralph@house.ks.gov; bcralph77@gmail.com; bradr@dodgecity.org
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7501 | Home phone: 620-338-1547
Statehouse office: 165-W

Mark Samsel (R, Franklin County) District 5
Mark.Samsel@house.ks.gov; mark@marksamsel.org;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-6287 | Home phone: 785 418-4962
Statehouse office: 459-W

Mark Schreiber (R, Lyon County) District 60
Mark.Schreiber@house.ks.gov; markschreiber60@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-2721 | Home phone: 620-342-6954
Statehouse office: 149-S

Kent Thompson (R, Allen County) District 9
kent.thompson@house.ks.gov; kent@iolare.kscoxmail.com; kent@iolare.kscoxmail.com
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7451 | Home phone: 620-496-2255
Statehouse office: 187-N

Democratic Senators who opposed SB55:

David Haley (D Wyandotte County) District 4
David.Haley@senate.ks.gov; ; senhaley@aol.com
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7376 | Home phone: 913-321-3210
Statehouse office: 134-E

Ethan Corson (D Johnson County) District 7
Ethan.Corson@senate.ks.gov; ethan@ethanforkansas.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7390 | Home phone:
Statehouse office: 125-E

Oletha Faust-Goudeau (D Sedgwick County) District 29
Oletha.Faust-Goudeau@senate.ks.gov; oletha29th@aol.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7387 | Home phone: 316-652-9067
Statehouse office: 135-E

Marci Francisco (D Douglas County) District 2
Marci.Francisco@senate.ks.gov; ;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7364 | Home phone: 785-842-6402
Statehouse office: 134-E

Tom Hawk (D Riley County) District 22
Tom.Hawk@senate.ks.gov; tom@tomhawk.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7360 | Home phone: 785-537-8000
Statehouse office: 135-E

Tom Holland (D Douglas County) District 3
Tom.Holland@senate.ks.gov; tomholland23@hotmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7372 | Home phone: 785-865-2786
Statehouse office: 134-E

Cindy Holscher (D Johnson County) District 8
Cindy.Holscher@senate.ks.gov; cindyforkansas@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7659 | Home phone: 913-568-4293
Statehouse office: 124-E

Pat Pettey (D Wyandotte County) District 6
Pat.Pettey@senate.ks.gov; jmphp42@yahoo.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7375 | Home phone: 913-579-3741
Statehouse office: 125-E

Jeff Pittman (D Leavenworth County) District 5
Jeff.Pittman@senate.ks.gov; jeff@votepittman.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7522 | Home phone: 913-912-3459
Statehouse office: 124-E

Dinah Sykes (D Johnson County) District 21
Dinah.Sykes@senate.ks.gov; dinah@dinahsykes.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-3245 | Home phone:
Statehouse office: 318-E

Mary Ware (D Sedgwick County) District 25
Mary.Ware@senate.ks.gov; mary@wareforkansas.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7391 | Home phone:
Statehouse office: 135-E

Democratic Representatives who opposed SB55:

John Alcala (D, Shawnee County) District 57
john.alcala@house.ks.gov; jalcala3@cox.net;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7371 | Home phone: 785 233-7110
Statehouse office: 173-W

Mike Amyx (D, Douglas County) District 45
Mike.Amyx@house.ks.gov; mikeamyx515@hotmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7632 | Home phone: 785 843-3089
Statehouse office: 43-S

Barbara Ballard (D, Douglas County) District 44
barbara.ballard@house.ks.gov; bballard1969@att.net;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7697 | Home phone: 785-766-3437
Statehouse office: 451-S

Elizabeth Bishop (D, Sedgwick County) District 88
Elizabeth.Bishop@house.ks.gov; Elizabeth@bishop88.org;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-5016 | Home phone: 316-841-5173
Statehouse office: 54-B

Tom Burroughs (D, Wyandotte County) District 33
tom.burroughs@house.ks.gov; rep.tburroughs@hotmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-8153 | Home phone: 913-963-7415
Statehouse office: 50-S

Stephanie Byers (D, Sedgwick County) District 86
stephanie.byers@house.ks.gov; byersforkansas@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7631 | Home phone: 316 302-5579
Statehouse office: 174-W

Sydney Carlin (D, Riley County) District 66
sydney.carlin@house.ks.gov; sydcar44@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7657 | Home phone: 785 539-6612
Statehouse office: 451-S

John Carmichael (D, Sedgwick County) District 92
john.carmichael@house.ks.gov; john@carmichaelforkansas.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7650 | Home phone: 316-351-8892
Statehouse office: 451-S

Stephanie Clayton (D, Johnson County) District 19
stephanie.clayton@house.ks.gov; stephaniesawyerclayton@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7548 | Home phone: 913 205-4970
Statehouse office: 451-S

Aaron Coleman (D, Wyandotte County) District 37
aaron.coleman@house.ks.gov; colemanaaron4kansas@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7300 | Home phone: 913-229-5334
Statehouse office:

Pam Curtis (D, Wyandotte County) District 32
pam.curtis@house.ks.gov; pcurtiskck@gmail.com; pcurtis@mvplaw.com
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7430 | Home phone: 913-626-0404
Statehouse office: 452-S

Jennifer Day (D, Johnson County) District 48
jennifer.day@house.ks.gov; jennifer.day@house.ks.gov;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7680 | Home phone: 913 229-4738
Statehouse office: 174-W

Linda Featherston (D, Johnson County) District 16
linda.featherston@house.ks.gov; linda4kansas@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7354 | Home phone: 913 735-3635
Statehouse office: 452-S

Gail Finney (D, Sedgwick County) District 84
gail.finney@house.ks.gov; repfinney@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7649 | Home phone: 316-768-0615
Statehouse office: 451-S

Jim Gartner (D, Shawnee County) District 53
Jim.gartner@house.ks.gov; circlegranch@prodigy.net;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7673 | Home phone: 785-271-6360
Statehouse office: 43-S

Christina Haswood (D, Douglas County) District 10
christina.haswood@house.ks.gov; christina@haswoodforkansas.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7652 | Home phone: 785 380-8992
Statehouse office: 54-A

Henry Helgerson (D, Sedgwick County) District 83
henry.helgerson@house.ks.gov; Henry@henryhelgerson.com; henry@henryhelgerson.com
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7668 | Home phone: 316-683-7628
Statehouse office: 174-W

Broderick Henderson (D, Wyandotte County) District 35
broderick.henderson@house.ks.gov; bhenderson@wycokck.org;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7697 | Home phone: 913-342-2614
Statehouse office: 451-S

Dennis “Boog” Highberger (D, Douglas County) District 46
dennis.boog.highberger@house.ks.gov; mrboog@att.net; boog@highbergerananda.com
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7122 | Home phone:
Statehouse office: 174-S

Jo Ella Hoye (D, Johnson County) District 17
JoElla.Hoye@house.ks.gov; joellaforkansas@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7331 | Home phone: 816 248-2601
Statehouse office: 54-S

Annie Kuether (D, Shawnee County) District 55
annie.kuether@house.ks.gov; kuet@aol.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7669 | Home phone:
Statehouse office: 43-S

Vic Miller (D, Shawnee County) District 58
Vic.Miller@house.ks.gov; victorwmiller@aol.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7365 | Home phone: 785-224-3375
Statehouse office: 50-S

Cindy Neighbor (D, Johnson County) District 18
Cindy.Neighbor@house.ks.gov; cindyneighbor@aol.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7690 | Home phone: 913-268-9061
Statehouse office: 43-S

KC Ohaebosim (D, Sedgwick County) District 89
KC.Ohaebosim@house.ks.gov; kcohaebosim@outlook.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7684 | Home phone: 316-500-2254
Statehouse office: 173-W

Jarrod Ousley (D, Johnson County) District 24
jarrod.ousley@house.ks.gov; jarrodousley@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7366 | Home phone: 913 735-0236
Statehouse office: 452-S

Brett Parker (D, Johnson County) District 29
Brett.Parker@house.ks.gov; parkerforkansas@gmail.com; BParkerCS@olatheschools.org
Statehouse phone: 785 296-5413 | Home phone: 913-735-6812
Statehouse office: 451-S

Mari-Lynn Poskin (D, Johnson County) District 20
Mari-Lynn.Poskin@house.ks.gov; mp@poskin4ks.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7436 | Home phone: 913 735-0064
Statehouse office: 173-W

Jason Probst (D, Reno County) District 102
Jason.Probst@house.ks.gov; thatguyinhutch@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785-296-7630 | Home phone: 620-259-3972
Statehouse office: 359-W

Louis Ruiz (D, Wyandotte County) District 31
louis.ruiz@house.ks.gov; louis_ruiz@sbcglobal.net; louis_ruiz@sbcglobal.net
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7885 | Home phone: 913-262-1634
Statehouse office: 47-S

Susan Ruiz (D, Johnson County) District 23
Susan.Ruiz@house.ks.gov; susanruizforkansas@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7482 | Home phone: 913 248-0632
Statehouse office: 173-W

Tom Sawyer (D, Sedgwick County) District 95
tom.sawyer@house.ks.gov; ;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7630 | Home phone: 316 265-7096
Statehouse office: 359-W

Jerry Stogsdill (D, Johnson County) District 21
Jerry.Stogsdill@house.ks.gov; jws4414@aol.com; jws4414@aol.com
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7692 | Home phone: 913-384-3393
Statehouse office: 452-S

Lindsay Vaughn (D, Johnson County) District 22
lindsay.vaughn@house.ks.gov; lindsayforkansashouse@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-8503 | Home phone: 913 523-6280
Statehouse office: 54-B

Ponka-We Victors (D, Sedgwick County) District 103
ponka-we.victors@house.ks.gov; ;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7651 | Home phone: 316-749-8450
Statehouse office: 561-W

Virgil Weigel (D, Shawnee County) District 56
virgil.weigel@house.ks.gov; virgiljweigel@hotmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7104 | Home phone: 785 267-2749
Statehouse office: 561-W

Valdenia Winn (D, Wyandotte County) District 34
valdenia.winn@house.ks.gov; vwinn1236@att.net; vwinn@kckcc.edu
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7385 | Home phone:
Statehouse office: 561-W

Kathy Wolfe Moore (D, Wyandotte County) District 36
kathy.wolfemoore@house.ks.gov; kathy4rep36@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-0424 | Home phone: 913-721-3655
Statehouse office: 47-S

Brandon Woodard (D, Johnson County) District 30
Brandon.Woodard@house.ks.gov; woodardforkansas@gmail.com; woodardforkansas@gmail.com
Statehouse phone: 785 296-5593 | Home phone: 913-335-0919
Statehouse office: 174-W

Rui Xu (D, Johnson County) District 25
Rui.Xu@house.ks.gov; ruixuks@gmail.com;
Statehouse phone: 785 296-7686 | Home phone: 913 535-8691
Statehouse office: 174-W



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