2022 Candidate Surveys

by | July 1, 2022

Equality Kansas is the leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) political and advocacy organization in the state. Our membership is as diverse as the general population, and is actively engaged in formulating and defending pro-equality, non-discriminatory public policy at the state and local level.

In addition to our public policy activities, our political action committee, the Equality Kansas PAC, endorses and supports candidates who make a commitment to speak out and vote in favor of LGBT equality, and who will defend against the ongoing attempts to legislate LGBT Kansans into second-class status.

Invitations to complete a survey have been sent to candidates for:

If you are a candidate for any of the above offices and have recieved and invitation letter, click the appropriate link above. If you are a candidate for one of these offices and have not received an invitation letter, please write our office at info@eqks.org

The survey topics are among those that have, in the past, been issues before governing bodies, and are likely to come before them in the future. Each question may be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” response. There is also room for additional comments, which we welcome and encourage. Many areas of public policy are complex, and nuanced answers from you will help us get to know you as a candidate and officeholder.


If you are an incumbent officeholder, we will likely know some of your views from your voting record and public statements. We encourage you to spend a few minutes on our questionnaire regardless. There may be issues with which you are unfamiliar, or on which you’d like to offer an opinion. We value your input, and would like to hear from you.

Equality Kansas does not publish or share the contents of your questionnaire. This document is used internally for our leadership and government affairs staff to get to know you, and to evaluate your positions for potential endorsement and support of your candidacy.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 316-683-1706, or email info@eqks.org.

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